Luciana Gimenez Morad

This is Luciana Morad and welcome to my web!

I will use this site to keep you up to date with my latest pictures and appearances and everything I've been up to! Plus we can discuss my fitness program, new beauty and make-up ideas, ( Can anyone help me on where to get good french porcelain nails in The Big Apple?)

Every year I spend travelling to places like Rio de Janeiro, Miami, New york, London, Paris ,Sydney and many more! I'll give you my top tips from these hot-spots. Oh yes, and we are going to have one serious topic each month. The first will be titled "Will you please stop poisoning our enviroment!

Please come back to visit me often. We've got many new things planned for this site and we will be adding them as quickly as we can!

Kiss Kiss!Thank beijos!


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